Five easy tips when we travel to another country

Embarking on a journey to another country can be an experience of a lifetime. But it can also be stressful if you aren’t prepared. So, start planning, follow these 13 travel savvy tips, and get ready to explore the world worry-free!


Make sure you’re prepared by keeping your essentials handy in your carry-on bag. Plan on packing items you’d need if you were separated from your luggage for a day—medication, a toothbrush and toothpaste (maybe some AP24 Breath Spray, too!), LifePak Nano, and an extra change of underwear.

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Air travel can wreak havoc on your skin and body, so bring a refillable water bottle, and drink your water often to avoid dehydration. Make sure to pack Nu Skin Hand Lotion, Moisture Restore Day, Sunright Lip Balm, and travel spritzer of NaPCA Moisture Mist to pull out whenever your skin needs a boost of moisture. Don’t forget to pack your Sun-right sunscreen to protect your skin while you explore, too!


Once you arrive at your destination, get outside in the sunlight to help your body reset its natural clock, then stay up until bedtime. If you have trouble falling asleep, try Pharmanex Night Time Formula, and if you need a little energy boost, sprinkle some Pharmanex E2 in your water.

Airplanes are notoriously chilly, so bring a light jacket to wear on the plane. Also make sure to also pack comfortable tennis shoes so you can discover your destination without discomfort. Finally, remember you can’t always control the noise in your hotel or the light that comes in from the window, so pack some earplugs and a sleep mask.


Buy or put together an on-the-go first aid kit to stow in your carry-on. Stock up on items like adhesive bandages, antiseptic wipes, Epoch Hand Sanitizer, tissues, and pain reliever for upset stomach and body aches. Other items to consider are a mini sewing kit and instant stain remover pen.