Outdoor winter exercise activities

You do not have to remain inside all winter, there are plenty of options outside. Make sure to layer up if it’s really cold!

Tip: wearing several thinner layers allows you to shed them one at a time as you start to warm up.

  • Go for a hike. Although hiking seems like a summer activity, many hikes on established trails are an entirely different kind of beautiful in the winter. Make sure to bring enough water; you still need to stay hydrated even if it’s cold outside!
  • Try a new winter sport. If you live somewhere with snow, there are many to choose from – skiing, snowboarding, sledding, and snowshoeing are just a few options.
  • Look for a local ice-skating rink. Ice skating or hockey are fun ways to develop a new skill (or brush up on an old one!) while burning a few calories.
  • Find a local holiday 5k and sign up with someone you know. Whether you choose to run or walk, it’s a great opportunity to push yourself or make memories with a friend.


    If you’re struggling to stay motivated, find an accountability partner someone who will either exercise with you, or who checks in on you to see how you are doing.  Setting a goal (big or small) can also help keep you going. Also try setting a specific time each day to do something active.

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