Baby Boomers remain young over the last two decades

1) Seasonal Foods Taste Better and Are Better For You

To survive the long shipping time, out-of-season fruits and vegetables are often picked before they are ripe. This practice often compromises the freshness, taste and nutrient value of your favorite foods. Seasonal foods, however, can usually be shipped from local farms, closer to where you buy food – especially if you find a local farmers’ market. The result is better tasting food, loaded with flavor and nutrients.   SUPPLEMENTS  are a great add to your health, enjoy !

2) Seasonal Foods Add Variety

Too many meal plans encourage extreme eating habits that may limit your meal choices to one food group. However, your body requires a variety of NUTRIENTS to maintain proper health, especially when working to manage weight and change your body shape. By eating seasonally, you expose yourself to new foods and add nutrient-rich variety to your diet. Don’t always select just familiar foods – talk to your farmers’ market merchant or produce manager and search the internet to discover new foods and ways to prepare them.  

3) Seasonal Foods Are Less Expensive

When fruits and vegetables are in season, they are usually in rich supply. The greater supply drives farmers’ prices lower, and the savings are passed on to the consumer. Non-seasonal foods are often priced higher due to the decrease in supply and an increase in production costs. Eating seasonally may be a key to healthy living and big savings.

Your body TRANSFORMATION  begins with making simple, healthy decisions every day to create a well-rounded nutritional balance. Introducing seasonal fruits and vegetables is just one great way to add variety to your TR90 meal plan and help you achieve your transformation goals.  

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