How to lose 10 pounds in a week

Your Personal Maintenance Management Formula

Make a list of what you see as your greatest barriers to maintaining your weight.  Maybe these are bingeing when you are under stress or feeling fatigued.  

Perhaps you still think of yourself as overweight and unworthy, which puts you at a very high risk of regaining the fat you never psychologically shed.  

Or possibly you think you will relax your effort and slide back into some poor eating or exercise habits.  Be specific and as concrete as you can when describing what you see as your toughest barriers up ahead.

Plan ahead.  On days when you will be attending parties or get-together, consume fewer calories by eating a light breakfast and lunch.   "Bank",  or save,  most of your calories for later on.

Continue to self-monitor during the holidays by writing down what you eat and how many calories you consume in your personalized food diary.  Research suggests that people who self-monitor their food intake can and will lose weight during the holidays.

Concentrate more on people and conversation at parties, and less on the food or drinks.  

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